OneDrive – “The Specified View is Invalid” Error

So I had a user whose OneDrive for Business had stopped working in the browser (but worked OK via the sync client). They were receiving this error:

After a long call to Microsoft it seemed the problem was that the default view on the SharePoint list had become corrupt and needed to be removed – problem being that as it was corrupt it wouldn’t let me delete it, and it wouldn’t let me set a different view as default. It was beginning to look like we’d have to open the site in Explorer (so via the old WebDAV) and duplicate all the contents – a very slow process for a large document library.

One of the things suggested was Sharepoint Designer, however when I tried to open the site in the version Microsoft Support directed me to, I was presented with “403 FORBIDDEN403 FORBIDDEN403 FORBIDDEN403 FORBIDDEN403 FORBIDDEN” as the error message. After spending a long time messing with permissions to no avail, it was getting towards hometime so arranged with Microsoft Support to pick it up after the weekend.

A few nights sleep later and I decide to have a try while waiting for them to call me back, and this time stick the Sharepoint Designer error into a search engine to discover – there’s an update to the designer which fixes this issue!
So to solve this you will need Sharepoint Designer 2013 with this update (, and Site Collection Admin permissions to the site.

From Sharepoint Designer, click on Open Site, then enter the address in the format https://<tenancy><user_login_id>/ e.g. then hit Open. With any luck it’ll open the designer:

Click on Lists and Libraries, then Documents. At the right hand side, click on “New…”. Enter a name and tick “Make this the default view”. Once you’ve created this view, switch back to OneDrive in the browser and refresh – hopefully it’s working now. You can then switch back to the designer, select the old views and hit the Delete key.

Office 365 mailto: Link Handler

I’ve been looking for a way to get mailto: links in websites open in Office 365 (Outlook Web) rather than the full Outlook client – as we have Outlook installed on our network, but unconfigured as everybody uses the web version.

I wrote something about 10 years ago which did this when we had a local Exchange box, although it’s since been lost as it no longer worked when we updated from Exchange 2003 to Exchange 2007. I’ve since written a new one which works with Office 365! Continue reading “Office 365 mailto: Link Handler”

Office 365 Automated Signature Generator

I’ve been looking for a while at a way to automate email signatures for everybody using OWA on Office 365. The new layout we want for our signatures includes images and everywhere I’ve read says it’s impossible to embed images in a signature set using Powershell. (Note I want them embedded rather than hotlinked).

The solution I came up with takes details from the Active Directory user account – I’m using the description field to insert the person’s name (to allow things like “Mrs Blah” rather than just outputting firstname surname), fields like title (job title), telephone, mobile and also using a few of the extensionAttributes for the Twitter/Facebook links. All of these are standard fields so no need to mess with the AD schema. Continue reading “Office 365 Automated Signature Generator”